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old growth maple

Medicine Song – Old Growth Maple

This is one of the songs that I sing for grounding. Grounding in its fullness can be described as being that feeling of being settled in my body instead of antsy, mind and thoughts seem to flow peacefully, I can feel my feet, and my favorite and most important part, full body breathing.


To you – being here! Here being on Earth.


Medicine Songs: Stardust

Medicine stories and/or songs are deeply important to me. It’s absolutley the medicine of the feminine. It works our spirit and our mind through the subtle unconscious and speask poetry to the conscious mind.

I sing a lot in my sessions, workshops and in my own healing. I have since I was a littel girl – sang and sang. I sing songs that soothe me and I make up songs that seems to rise out of me or come out of the eathers.

I have begun to keep these songs that rise, I call them medicine songs, and I am creating a lullabye and medicine album. I made a rouch cut of 5 of the songs. I am going to share with with you, one at a time. THey are not mastered, they are not perfect, they are recordings to share so you can learn them or listen to them to receive thier healing. They are kinda raw, but I treasuer them.

This week I am posting a song that came to me after a day of sitting next to an fire – releasing my attachment to my ancestor’s, and thusly, my line of burden, gried, and self hatred. A powerful moment in my life, and at the end, this song arose. I have a recording of the medicine story, but I am having technical difficulties. I’ll let you know when I get it up.

Sometimes I get the tune and hum and then words come along, or they come together, and then I sing them over and over and they settle into themselves, I record them on my phone, and if I forget the words or tunes (happens 50/50 that I remember them) i listen to them again. I send the recordings to my freinds who cal when their sad. I teach them to the women in 13 Circles, and I sing them to myself, clients, family, friends, and partner.



#27 – Healing Practices Are Redundant – 50 things that help me heal

#27 – Healing Practices Are Redundant

Yoga, meditation, massage, healing practices are redundant, and they are supposed to be. Practice practice practice.

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#17 – Being Self-centered – 50 things that help me heal

#17 – Being Self-centered – 50 things that help me heal

Everyone is the center of their own Universe! Self centered doesn’t mean I don’t care, in fact when I am centered I find I can actually see others more clearly – creating more ease in connecting to compassion and joy with them! Yay!