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Brain Dump: clear the chaos of the mind, make space for, well, life (video)

Hey sweet love!

I am really excited to share this video with you, because it’s crude, playful, and one of the MOST USEFUL things I do for my very active mind! I call it a Brain Dump and I explain it all in the video!!!!! I am using this exercise on the road almost every time I sit down to do any work, sometimes multiple times a day to get clear.

Sometimes the mind gets so filled with things that we can’t sort any of them out. At times all I can hear is a rotating to do list. Other times, all I can hear are days old regrets or relationship snafus I want to make amends on but with which I’m dragging my feet.

There are so many things that we “keep track of” inside our minds that just become clutter. The Brain Dump practice helps me really see what I am trying to navigate. It’s all about the holistic approach here, not just listing the to-dos that need to be done, but also writing down the emotional, spiritual, and creative swirling.

In short — take a stack of papers and the mission is to put whatever goes through your mind into written form so as to ease the internal running amuck and anxiety.

Lots of love and one song dance parties,

Recommended dance tune song if you need one: World Is Our Playground by DJ Vice ft. Mike Taylor

If you need a more emotional quiet and moving gentle tune try this: You Don’t Have To Be Afraid by Kaki King

Beam Love & Don’t Make Eye Contact


Hey my dear sweet friend,

I have to start by sharing that its been such an intense feeling time. The theme that I have seen from the inside and out is Identity Crisis. Well, Identity Transformation with moments of, “who the fuck am I?”

This is to be expected. Months ago I asked the question, “are you willing to change who you are to have the life you want?” My answer was, and is still YES.

This is simple. For example, am I willing to become a wife if the life I want envisions a lifelong partnership and family merging with legal, spiritual, and cultural responsibilities and gifts? If I do, am I willing to actually become a “wife.” It doesn’t matter the word — wife, partner, Sophia, husband. The question is, am I willing to enact and inhabit this different life landscape, and behave differently?

This is just an example — a commitment to any project, relationship, or vision requires the same change. Will I address the habits that keep me from doing changing in the new way I am now committed to?

So I answer yes and what happens next? Change.

Do you have a hard time with change? If so, I encourage you do the driver’s seat meditation from the spring medicine kit — it’s an all seasons kind of healing.

So here I am now. Changed. A neither here nor there state really. I am not who I was, and yet I am not the embodied self I am moving towards. Note: we aren’t ever fully there because the purpose of the vision itself is to help us grow. Still, there is an equilibrium, an arriving point, a completion that is possible. I have felt it before and that is not where I am now.

In all ways I am more present, more happy, and more myself than I have ever felt before and yet I struggle with recognizing this new experience of self. Who am I? What am I doing?

Ahh human form . . .

I did something amazing last week. I moonlodged. That is when I camp out in my Red Tent Temple while I am menstruating and soak in women’s / body’s wisdom. I was in the moonlodge for the first time in many cycles. Since winter really. I was phoning in during that time, which has its time and place. Calling long distance on a holiday does a lot to keep the family together, so I am not being hard on myself about it. I acknowledge the self care I did then.

This moonlodge was deep. Prayer, meditation, dreams, painting, Reiki, sleeping alone, messages, bath, 4am healing wails with cries and releases, spirit guide medicine. Full fledged on.

I want to share with you one of my paintings from that time. The message came to me during a guided meditation when I went to visit a future version of myself as my highest potential in ten years. I found her at ease, focused, surround by life activity and lounging. She was nourished. She was kind and looked upon with pride and love and compassion — joy. I asked her, “how do I get to here?” I painted her answer to guide me moving forward:


“Treat ALL negative self talk like a child in time out. BEAM love, and do not make eye contact. Useful feedback will come to you other ways. It’s okay to be Happy. It really is.”

This is huge. This is a subtle and immense change. I have spent over fifteen years listening to every little voice that rises in me as carrying something very important. Even the harsh and mean voices. (Which I still largely recommend.)

Now I have this new, clear message. I don’t need to look any further. Negative self talk — which is name calling, like, “I’m such a fuck up.” “Why am I so stupid?” “”Nobody cares what you have to say.” “You’re a waste of space.” “I can’t, I’ll be a burden.” — I hear them all. I think most of us hear those messages these days. I’m open to that being an arcane thing.

NOW I KNOW exactly what the deeper and important lesson is. My inner self is having a freak out and NEEDS a time out, to be loved, and not to be encouraged with attention. Beaming LOVE is very important. Love that negative talk, and do not heed it. Focus on what is actually here in the now that needs to be attended to.

May this support you in your own precious and powerful identify shift. Confusion is essential for learning something new. It’s a sign that you’re not just fitting new information into an old mindset. Confusion means the mindset itself is changing.

Ask the questions. Look deeply. Feel into the wisdom that is asking to be heard and be gentle, gentle, gentle. 

Helpful solid advice doesn’t need to come with personal attacks. I believe you can and will listen to useful feedback without bullying yourself or listening to external negative talk. In fact, from what I’ve seen, you’re more likely to be able to advance forward with less intimidation across the board.

I’ve seen it too many times to doubt it. Love yourself — boldly, radically — and you’ll have the energy required to change those ingrained and often fear-based and protective ways of being.

Summer love time.

Many many many blessings to your growth and change and magic,

Finally #50 on final day of the year! #50 – Brilliant effective strategic plan for progress! My body taught me!

Fair thee well 2013!
To everyone’s sweetest and truest hearts dreams coming true!
To pure transformative love!
To a healed earth and awaken people and peaceful cultures!
To joy!

Let’s all feel free, right? I’m in. You in? I mean, right? Yeah.

#50 – Brilliant effective strategic plan for progress! My body taught me!

Leaning into the creative cycle!

This video is all about the creative and productive process that my body taught me. Good listening in preparation for making those New Years resolutions come true! This is process is my menstrual cycle, and I do talk a lot about that but the application is genderless! COULD APPLY TO ANYONE! It really does! If you want progress and results this video is worth a watch!

This cyclical flow over the course of a month has tangible and inspiring results for any person who applies it!


Happy New Year!


“isn’t the light of solstice supposed make things better – cause I kinda feel like crap” post

I have been returning to the same image since winter solstice, and craziness in my internal and external existence. Also known as, the thing I thought of when I was  loosing my mind and my heart felt sad and I was crying and confused, or doing something I didn’t know to navigate.


I am in a cave. I am traveling into the deepest darkest place of that cave (winter), as I go my eyes adjust to the very dim to little to no light. Here, in this place, a match is lit!
OOW – MY EYES!         – The illumination is SO harsh, and yet, so clear. What is shone cannot be ignored.

One thing light has been showing me is the subtle and yet real ways guilt has driven so many of my actions throughout my life. As well as the deep desire to be free from obligatory heaviness. I saw, illuminated before me, overall and lasting ease when my actions are given from a place of true authenticity, generosity, and light-hearted kindness. As I write this I wonder if I’m making it all seem so gentle, so let me clarify: sitting in the dark with the flame from my match showing me the lasting and exhausting results from my past habits, and inherited patterns, that seem unchangeable and life long is… well… painful. Excruciating even. I mean I am seeing the very things that are seemingly foundational, and in actuality have been at my foundation. I looked at my ceiling through my tears, and started the – “I want more than this, more than the cage I keep myself in.” So I dig into my faith and beg for guidance, forgiveness, and change. I say, “go ahead change my foundations because I am looking square in the face the results of the current foundation and I want something different.” I give myself permission to heal, and I do the silly things I am inspired to do, like place family photos on my alter and sing to them everyday. You see, this is a very specific light in the dark, and its allowing us see the things inside that still need to be healed.

So bring on the healing! Buckle up, cause if I know one thing, healing your foundations is a rocky time!

Oh and the touches everything for me, the cultural, and planetary things as well. The match struck at the depth of winter shows the foundations and our relationships to them: earth, culture, politics, money, relationships, you name it, so whatever manifestation is being illuminated, well… good luck?! :) Yea! Blessed kind luck!

“I am choosing to believe this is the best case scenario”
this one helps me when I am in the shit :)
another favorite is,
“I better be learning something huge, cause this sucks, so get me all the way through please.”

I am all LOVE and gratitude for you reading this, all the magic, and The Light in my life. Fer realz –  even if it hurts – I would rather see the mess then keep tripping over the same BS in the dark!

#47 – Healing happens in a moment

#47 – Healing happens in a moment

Sacred and not serious work of healing and growing leads us, the visual that comes to mind is climbing a tree to get to a river rope swing!  The healing is the moment when you let go of the rope swing and trust the river to catch you!