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Finally #50 on final day of the year! #50 – Brilliant effective strategic plan for progress! My body taught me!

Fair thee well 2013!
To everyone’s sweetest and truest hearts dreams coming true!
To pure transformative love!
To a healed earth and awaken people and peaceful cultures!
To joy!

Let’s all feel free, right? I’m in. You in? I mean, right? Yeah.

#50 – Brilliant effective strategic plan for progress! My body taught me!

Leaning into the creative cycle!

This video is all about the creative and productive process that my body taught me. Good listening in preparation for making those New Years resolutions come true! This is process is my menstrual cycle, and I do talk a lot about that but the application is genderless! COULD APPLY TO ANYONE! It really does! If you want progress and results this video is worth a watch!

This cyclical flow over the course of a month has tangible and inspiring results for any person who applies it!


Happy New Year!

#29 – Pre-Menstrual Syndrome and Pre-Menstrual Wisdom – 50 Things That Helped Me Heal

PMS is a time in a woman’s cycle when she is simply more sensitive to her own needs and values. When you might have an irrational or intense reaction to something, look for the kernel of wisdom inside your reaction. There’s probably something you really didn’t like that you usually tolerate, but for which you have no tolerance when you’re feeling extra sensitive. Pay attention! This might be useful information for you to carry into the rest of the month.

Sophia Hoffer-Perkins. Feel Free.

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real, raw, love, tears, freedom. you know, the good stuff…

There is a fine distinction between catharsis and healing in my eyes. Catharsis is an outpouring of what was contained. If we go back to same old same old we have not healed from the release. For healing to happen we must change from that point forward. Healing is the moment when we allow our expression to make an impression on ourselves. In this process we become culivated by the sensations of being alive, and we allow our perpective of self, the world, whatever it may be, to be different, if even slightly.

Sometimes a healing can be really messy, unpretty, and frightening to yourself or others overhearing.  We can have shame around loosing control or falling apart. This is my account of letting it happen, surrendering in faith that a room gets messier before it gets clean. Hopefully it wil give you permission to claim the space you need for your own process.

I woke up early on Saturday morning with my mind racing – with thoughts, panic, anger, fears, long to-do lists, and litanies of life-stagnating fears.  I began to share what was happening with my partner, and this massive cry finally poured out of me.  I took my shaking and crying self into the next room, closed the door, blared a dance mix CD, and lay down in front of my altar.  I allowed myself to come undone, moving onto my knees, into downward dog.  I screamed from the depths of my guts.  I cried so hard, a pool of tears and mucous and saliva formed on the floor in front of me.  I surrendered to whatever process was happening.  First, self-loathing and shame swelled in me; I screamed for release from the pain.  I named these secrets and shames as poison, and cast them out of me with my words and my will.  As I let go of more and more of my shame, my breath deepened and I placed my hand on my heart, choosing to let faith fill me up.  My cries continued, ebbing and flowing.  My body began to react in a variety of unexpected ways. I inhaled love with each breath; prayers, coughing, sobs, yells, twitching, and full-body clenching fell out of me as I exhaled, each time a surprise.

I rose to my feet, standing firmly with knees bent, and I called out from my heart, “Please. Turn this poison into medicine. Please.”  Using all of my strength, I pressed my feet into the floor, feeling the Earth beneath me, and I called for my healing, your healing, our healing, the healing.  Unexpectedly and quietly, I started saying, “thank you,” and I meant it.  “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…”  I stood with my arms out to my sides, feeling empty and strong and grateful, free and filled with love.

As I stood, “Rabbit in Your Headlights” came on the mix CD that had been playing, and I had one of those moments you just cannot put into words.  (Not for lack of trying – after spending 45 minutes trying to describe it, I realize you should just watch this video: DJ Shadow & James Lavelle (UNKLE) – Rabbit in Your Headlight.)  I knew in that moment that I am strong enough to remain intact at the point of impact.  I danced slowly, clean and raw, for another three songs, ending with Iz’s Somewhere over the rainbow…  The CD ended and I felt real, grateful, in my body, wanting to move forward with my life.

The intensity of that hour was entirely surpassed by the peace and comfort I now feel in my own skin.