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Music as Medicine with David Wilcox

Inspiring Interview with Singer Songwriter David Wilcox (and Sophia’s wife, Kim Fleisher)

As you know, my wife Kim and I are on the road. It’s been just over a month now and we are currently in beautiful Wyoming. We saw the biggest Moon halo I have ever seen! I invite you to tap in and invite this Moon to bless you. Here’s a sample prayer:

Mama Moon!!!
I welcome your blessings!
Inspire and fill me with new visions and possibility and relief from old constraints that keep me from my fullest expression in a compassionate and gentle way!
Ashe! A-ho! Amen!


On the theme of INSPIRING we have a very special treat for you. Kim and I are doing some interviews with just a few of the amazing people we are blessed to be staying with and seeing.

Get excited — to introduce our first interview — I give you my remarkable wife Kim!


We’ve been traveling for a little over a month now, and along the way we have the great privilege of spending time with brilliant minds whose works are direct expressions of healing.

We thought it would be beneficial (and fun!) for you to get a glimpse into the heads of these healers, learn more about how they do what they do, and hopefully be inspired to do stuff too.

Our first interview is with American singer songwriter David Wilcox. Sometimes referred to as a folk legend, David has recorded over 20 albums.

The opening song in the interview is called Open Hand.

He also does this cool thing he calls, “Musical Medicine,” where he invites listeners to share what’s on their hearts and then spontaneously creates an original, one-of-a-kind song for them as a response and healing-offering. I’ve seen him blow people’s minds and bring tears of joy and relief again and again and again.

This interview gets into Dave’s process of healing, including how to listen intuitively and respond to what’s in front of you. The interview expands on the parallels between Musical Medicine and bodywork / shamanism / healing and offers insight from all 3 of us on how to be present and truly support the people who come to us for healing.

Enjoy! And may this interview be dedicated to the ending of suffering for all beings . . .



Isn’t she amazing?


I Am Whole Just As I Am


Hello loved ones,

This past weekend we had the company of a profoundly powerful new moon.

The themes I have seen repeatedly emerging are releasing shame and embodiment.

The first, healing shame is an intensive experience. It requires revealing, exposure, sharing, and intimacy. We carry ideas, stories, and beliefs that create a heaviness in our spirit. Shame creates isolation and then it demands more isolation. Here is my call to your tender spirit who is tempted to believe that you’re actually a piece of shit — you are not. You are a precious complex and beautiful being.

Which leads entirely into embodiment — embodying your precious, complex, and beautiful human being. Claim that. Claim that in the face of it being incredibly challenging and counter-culture. Claim it in-spite of your family’s expectations. Claim it by breathing deep in the face of fear. Claim the truth that grows love out of wounds. Claim your wholeness. Claim it right now. If you are willing say this: “I choose to believe in my wholeness and do what it takes to release the shame I have been carrying.”

Here is a medicine song to support and soothe you in your healing!!!

Your healing. My healing. Our healing. The healing.

Thank you.

Follow these links to find other insights on healing shame and read another story about shame and embodiment.

Blessings and mad wild grateful love,

13-1 – Lifting the blanket of Shame – 50 things that help me heal

13-1 – Lifting the Blanket of Shame

“Shame cannont be processed it can only be lifted, and it is lifted by community” ~ ShuNasii Rose,

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#11 – My favorite prayer is a 4-letter word – 50 things that help me heal

#11 – My favorite prayer is a 4-letter word

My favorite prayer is h-e-l-p.

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Pacific Northwest respite from a friend

A friend wrote me from the Pacific Northwest where she is studying plants. After years of bringing art and education into the Philadelphia Prisons – she journeyed to find her needed respite. And wrote and shared so simply and briefly and yet it touched me so deeply. I asked her, if I could share it with you.
May it be as sweet a medicine for you to read as it was for me.
There isn’t much cell reception out here, so I haven’t been calling much, haven’t been on the computer much either.  The big nature has such a strong drawing force — I’ve been spening a lot of time outside just being.  The plant studies are incredible.  I’m staring to become so much more sensitive to what these different plants are doing/saying and how our health is very connected to the plant world.  I’m learning things and experiencing things I never knew about before, never been told.  And I’m realizing how much I needed to leave the city for a while.  Been letting myself rest and heal and it is a big gift.  Been getting in touch with the Non Doing, but also been working on the farm here and getting lots and lots of classes on plants.  Considering continuing herbal studies for
a while. 
~ Erin H