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Pacific Northwest respite from a friend

A friend wrote me from the Pacific Northwest where she is studying plants. After years of bringing art and education into the Philadelphia Prisons – she journeyed to find her needed respite. And wrote and shared so simply and briefly and yet it touched me so deeply. I asked her, if I could share it with you.
May it be as sweet a medicine for you to read as it was for me.
There isn’t much cell reception out here, so I haven’t been calling much, haven’t been on the computer much either.  The big nature has such a strong drawing force — I’ve been spening a lot of time outside just being.  The plant studies are incredible.  I’m staring to become so much more sensitive to what these different plants are doing/saying and how our health is very connected to the plant world.  I’m learning things and experiencing things I never knew about before, never been told.  And I’m realizing how much I needed to leave the city for a while.  Been letting myself rest and heal and it is a big gift.  Been getting in touch with the Non Doing, but also been working on the farm here and getting lots and lots of classes on plants.  Considering continuing herbal studies for
a while. 
~ Erin H