Lions And Dragons

Lions & Dragons: The Transformative Power & Pleasure of Rage


Have you ever stepped in dog shit? Shut your hand in a door? Been charged an overdraft fee? Cat pissed on your couch? Lost a condom inside you? F^ck that s#*%. We all know that feeling. Through body based practices, shamanic healing and practical theory learn to engage your rage in a way that is empowering, freeing, and helps you compassionately speak up in the world.

• Do you know you have really important things to say that are going left unsaid? ​

• Do you want to let go of people-pleasing so you can be clear on what you want, freely and fully express it, laugh heartily, let go into passionate sex, and feel fully alive?

• Tired of quiet “above it all” woo woo healing lala, and just want to get into it, deal with it, and move on?

• Do you want to free your voice, open to your body’s wisdom, have great sex, awesome communication, a happy heart, and forgive the people that hurt you?

• Do you want to clear the blockages of rage stuffed inside and feel the unobstructed wild vivacious life force energy pulsating through you?

We will use our deep presence and our collective years of experience and professional training to walk you through this intensive to meet what can be scary with grace, humor, and commitment. We will accompany you in this adventure. Our combined experience as shamanic practitioners, professional intuitive bodyworkers, licensed massage therapists, Reiki Masters, facilitators, and more offers a depth and skill as your guides in listening to the wisdom of your body, heart, mind and soul.

Rage, anger, and grief exercises that honor the past, and are real in the moment, lead us to hear our guidance towards joy, trust, and power. A variety of body centered approaches, down to earth spiritual wisdom and practices will get you feeling present including nitty gritty and practical take home techniques and skills for:

• Wise engagement with anger

• Honest communication

• Creating and maintaining clear boundaries




leigh_circle Leigh Seeleman, LMT, RMP, BA, played and howled freely as a child who often pretended she was a wild monkey. Then, as she grew up grown-ups and culture told her to be quiet, polite, and hold in her anger. Thanks to nudges and pushes from the universe and a dark night of the soul she has danced and stumbled into greater and greater alignment with her soul’s purpose, which is to be a bridge that connects all that feels separate in this world and hold space for people to reconnect their own deep earth rhythms, primal voice and passion. In her intuitive bodywork practice and workshops Leigh integrates her experience as a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Practitioner and Shamanic Healer to offer deep witness, nourishment, and guidance to the journey of the soul. As a Guide, Ecstatic Dancer, and Life-lover Leigh supports people to dissolve pain and blockage in their bodies and embody ease, relaxation, joy, and wholeness.


sophia_circle Sophia Hoffer-Perkins, BA, LMT, Wise-Woman. Life-lover. Hilarity-Bringer. Sophia Hoffer-Perkins has made a safe space wherein hundreds of people have heard their own inner wisdom, discovered unconditional love and faith, and developed the power to speak and live their unique truth. Sophia brings over 25 years of healing experience to her authentic and dynamic workshops and private sessions. As a shamanic practitioner, intuitive licensed massage therapist, holistic pelvic care provider and Reiki Master, she helps cut through layers of stress in transitions, physical pain, and loneliness and self-doubt to bring reconnection, renewed faith, and real, compassionate and inspired perspectives on life. As a naturally pragmatic, empowering, and loving person, she has combined her training and personal healing journey to translate abstract knowledge into tangible, useable, and powerful things for you!


Why We Teach This


Leigh: Before I learned to listen to the wisdom of my anger I would make choices to people-please rather than fulfill my own deep needs. I let my Dad put me down without standing up for myself. When I was learning to create healthy boundaries I was often so angry that I communicated my boundaries with meanness rather than clarity and compassion. My voice used to feel trapped, like a lump in my throat.

I’m deeply grateful to have found friends, teachers and tools that have helped me to free my voice, fully express myself, and stand up for myself with clarity and compassion. I now feel ease in finding what I want and need and create healthy, clear, compassionate boundaries in my relationships, including my relationship with my Dad. I’m grateful for the ways in which anger teaches me to care for myself and be clear on what I can and cannot offer to others — in this way I am able to give to myself and others from a place of wholeness.

Sophia: When I felt angry I would blame myself for everything that was “not right” and then I would self destruct. I would have total meltdowns of confusion, anxiety, and exhaustion: the kind of meltdowns that had high prices of loss of work, painful relationships, and physical back, leg, and neck pain.

Now I am engaged to a person who loves and respects my passion and treasures my clear and compassionate communication. I use many methods to sort out confusion and what I want and need, and the difference between them. The most satisfying thing to me is – when I feel angry, instead of using self deprecation, I listen deeply and move into resolution and use that energy to create the outcomes I want in place of the outcomes that I do not want!




lion_circle Do I have to yell the whole time? No! This space will be dynamic: from quiet space to speaking and listening and gutrul yells. And you don’t even have to yell!

What if I get there and it’s too much for me? Our intention is to meet you where you are, and for you to do exactly the work that you can handle gracefully right now. You are wise, your mind and body know what to work on and play with, and while we’ll invite you to stretch beyond your comfort zone into the learning zone, you get to decide what to focus on and what may need more time before opening. You don’t need to do it all at once . . . healing and growth are are process. You’ll have the opportunity to take some big steps in the workshop and take home the tools to continue the process in a way that helps you be gentle with yourself.


Sound Good?


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