Young Women’s Wisdom

By request from a father I put together this intensive day to create a sacred space that introduces girls around their menarche into the foundations of women’s wisdom and sisterhood. Please spread the word to anyone who might want to send a precious soul to be with me for the day on July 13, 2014 in Philadelphia, PA!

Thank you and blessings to you!


Young Women’s Wisdom: One Day Intensive for Pre-Teen & Teen Girls

Is your daughter around the age of starting her period?
Is she a sensitive person who needs skills to connect with and express her feelings?
Do you wish that your daughter had a space where she could learn a whole new context for being female, one that is loving and respectful?

This one day intensive is a transformational experience designed to teach pre-teen and teen girls how to embrace their new and emerging self.

Sacred space is the heart of Women’s Wisdom. Just as empowering is the cycle of the body, though it is often made to be confusing in our culture.

Over the course of the day, using play, art, sharing, and skill building I will open your daughters’ eyes to a new vision of herself, her body, her feelings, and her wisdom. In a safe space, I will lead them to explore and discover a view of this time that nourishes their heart, awakens their soul, and gives themselves courage to find and tend sisterhood.

That’s a lot in a day, right? Well, girls are capable of many magical things.

July 13th, 2014 9:30am – 6:30pm
At The Reiki School + Clinic
$108 for the day!

My name is Sophia and I love working with people to have the skills and sacred context to find joy and ease through life. I combine my experience as a mystic since childhood, a trained massage therapist, Reiki Master, shamanic practitioner, and an Omega faculty member for teen programming for over ten years. I treasure making space for teens to be heard and equipping them with skills that just aren’t taught elsewhere!

Register for this unique program by emailing or call me at 215-906-3590.

If you want to talk to see if one of your girls is the right fit set up a call with me so we can talk it out. Schedule that call here: